IT Due Diligence Guide Special Offer

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The IT Due Diligence Guide is normally priced at $195.00, but as a reader of the Axial forum, you can purchase it for $156.00 – a 20% discount.

The information in this book isn’t easy to obtain unless you’ve been involved in a large number of IT M&A transactions.

The IT Due Diligence Guide is written by an experienced technology and operations executive. The author has evaluated numerous technology companies on behalf of private equity firms, venture capital organizations and private investors.

The book goes beyond the simple checklists and cursory reviews of IT assets that are common in too many transactions. The IT Due Diligence Guide includes:

  • An overview of the IT due diligence process
  • Straightforward language in recognition of the fact that the due diligence team doesn’t always include a technology expert
  • A comprehensive checklist with detailed explanations and interpretations of potential responses, including real-world examples
  • Chapters dedicated to IT staff, products, software development process, networks and infrastructure, intellectual property, customers, security, compliance, financial issues and more
  • Guidance on how and when to ask the most sensitive questions
  • An IT due diligence report template that allows you to quickly summarize your findings in a format that will be useful to the deal’s executive team

If the book helps you identify just one issue that you might not have uncovered on your own, it can pay for itself many times over. For less than the cost of one hour of a consultant’s time, you can be well on the way to an effective technology due diligence process.

For Axial readers, the IT Due Diligence Guide is priced at $156.00 – 20% discount.

There’s a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t think it’s valuable. If you’re not satisfied with the purchase for any reason, simply contact the author and you’ll receive a full refund.

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Here’s what reviewers are saying about the IT Due Diligence Guide.

“This book is very thorough. It includes a detailed discussion of IT issues, but it also points out areas where the IT due diligence may indicate potential concerns in the areas of legal, financial and operational due diligence. I wish I had owned a copy of this book when I was COO for a private equity-backed rollup firm doing frequent acquisitions – it would have been very helpful in that situation.”
D. Brockway

“I used the IT Due Diligence Guide on a recent due diligence project related to a software company acquisition, and I was very impressed. As an IT expert, I was surprised that the book gave me ideas for areas to investigate that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own. The book is well organized, clearly written and a valuable tool for anyone involved in IT due diligence.”
Wade Wright

The IT Due Diligence Guide is a PDF document, so you’ll be able to download it as soon as your purchase is complete.

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Choose your payment method.You’ll be able to download the book right away. Purchase via Credit Card
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