IT Due Diligence Guide

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Are you a technology expert who needs to understand how mergers and acquisitions work, and how you can play a valuable part in them? Are you with a private equity or venture capital firm that invests in technology companies? Are you a company owner who’s planning your exit strategy?

If so, the IT Due Diligence Guide can definitely help.

IT is becoming more and more important in M&A. The IT Due Diligence Guide helps IT experts understand M&A and helps investors understand IT. If you’re a business owner, it will help you understand how both groups will look at your company’s technology when the time comes to sell your business.

Not Just a Checklist

The IT Due Diligence Guide is not a simple due diligence checklist of questions to ask. You can find many examples of that on the Internet, and you can get the version that comes with the book right here.

The IT Due Diligence Guide is a book which examines the questions that have been shown over many acquisitions to best solicit the information needed to make an informed investment decision about a technology company.

Each question includes a detailed explanation of why the question is important and what the potential answers can tell you about a target company. You can view the table of contents and other sample content here.

The book also includes additional tools that make the process go more smoothly and quickly, such as data collection spreadsheets and a detailed IT due diligence report template in a format that will be useful to the executives in charge of the deal. If you’ve been brought into the due diligence process for the first time, these can be a lifesaver.

If you’re a software entrepreneur thinking of selling your company, the IT Due Diligence Guide will help you to anticipate the technology due diligence requests and understand how your responses will be perceived by your potential acquirer.

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