IT Due Diligence Guide

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Are you a private equity or venture capital firm acquiring or investing in a technology company? Are you an IT staff member who has been asked by your employer to evaluate a potential acquisition? Are you the owner of a software company planning your exit strategy?

If so, you need the IT Due Diligence Guide.

Many investors are focused on financial and legal due diligence issues. Even in the purchase of a software company, technology due diligence is not always a top priority. The IT Due Diligence Guide is written in a way that makes it a useful tool even if there is not a dedicated technology expert on the acquisition team.

If you’re not sure if you need IT Due Diligence, this page can help you decide.

Not Just a Checklist

The IT Due Diligence Guide is not a simple information technology due diligence checklist of questions to ask. You can find many examples on the Internet, and you can see our version right here.

The IT Due Diligence Guide is an eBook which lists the questions that have been shown over many acquisitions to best solicit the information needed to make an informed decision about a technology company purchase or investment. Each question includes a detailed explanation of why the question is important and what the potential answers can tell you about your acquisition target. You can view the table of contents and other sample content here.

Are you a software entrepreneur thinking of selling your company?

If you want to make your company’s acquisition go as smoothly and as profitably as possible, one of the best things you can do is to be ready for the due diligence questions that you may receive from a potential investor. The IT Due Diligence Guide will help you to anticipate the technology due diligence requests and understand how your responses will be perceived by your potential acquirer.

Have you been brought into the due diligence process for the first time?

It’s not unusual for an IT staff member to be invited into the process after
legal and financial due diligence are well underway. If your company has asked you to evaluate a potential acquisition, and you’ve never done something like this before, the IT Due Diligence Guide will give you a framework to be sure you don’t miss something important. It also includes a technology due diligence report template to help you create a due diligence report in a format that will be useful to financial


The IT Due Diligence Guide is priced at $195.00. For less than the cost of one hour of a consultant’s time, you can be well on the way to an effective technology due diligence process. Click here to purchase.